Latest Publications (All)

ICSE 2021
TCNS 2020

Distributed Networked Real-time Learning

Alfredo Garcia, Luochao Wang, Jeff Huang and Lingzhou Hong
SC 2020

OMPRacer: A Scalable and Precise Static RaceDetector for OpenMP Programs

Bradley Swain, Yanze Li, Peiming Liu, Ignacio Laguna, Giorgis Georgakoudis and Jeff Huang
ISSTA 2020

Functional Code Clone Detection with Syntax and Semantics Fusion Learning

Chunrong Fang, Zixi Liu, Yangyang Shi, Jeff Huang and Qingkai Shi
ICSE 2020

Securing UnSafe Rust Programs with XRust

Peiming Liu, Gang Zhao and Jeff Huang